Acropora Amalfi Amalgama Angel Artic Bamboo Cesare Charme Chrysalis Corten Crystal Blade Crystal Moon Crystal Rock Crystalline Diamante Divina Eklè Elite Flame Floritude Flower Miu Grace Groovy Ice Rain Leaves Miu Ninfea Nuvola Paradise Prestige Roma Stardust Tribù Vanity Weave Acropora Atlantis Bubbles Carapace Chrysalis Goldenart Groovy Lamaa Riga Radici Twin Wally


Design by Cristian Feltrin

A collection inspired by the delicate and majestic elegance of angel wings, both in design and colours, for a touch of timeless sophistication.

Wall lamp
Table lamp

The unrivalled elegance of Murano glass



Metal frame is available in the following finishes:
– matt brushed gold

Single suspensions