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Quality and artisanal




Our secret lies in the hand-made and artisan approach.

IDL ® Italian Design Lighting, was formed in 1987 from the merger of ideas of two associetes, Lino Feltrin and Antonio Piva, who decided to apply their knowledge and experience to launch a manufacturing facility for interior decorative lighting.


Over the years, the firm has been managed in an artisan way, thus enabling it to create exclusive and highly prestigious designs which envolve in step with the firm itself.

Having own production the company design lamps of exclusive design, of almost any shape and size, creating also custom made products.


The strength of the factory is the technical department, making the most complex projects, which, thanks to modern produc tion and moder n methods of metal processing, are being implemented with particular attention to the detail realization.


IDL is the undisputed Made in Italy for quality and original design. The art direction headed by Antonio Piva and by his nephew Cristian Felrin, has been constantly looking for new ideas. Since 2012, after the sudded demise of the founder Antonio Piva, Cristian has become the most important desi gner of the company. The cons tant search for new ideas and new materials is the fundamental gui deline for Cristian and the answer to the demand for unique products.

All products of the fac tory ar e carefully tested. Eac h product is marked with the “IDL” trademark as a 100% guarantee that each lamp is original, designed andmanufactured in Italy. High quality of the metal finishes allows the use of the lamps in wet areas.


The range of IDL’s products is various: collecti on of lamps of exquisite design charac terized by soft el egant lines where every detail is tastefully sel ected, by expensive metal finishes, by hand-made details, exquisite Murano glass and Swarovski crystals; and collecti ons of a simple and strict forms, clean lines combined with rationality and functionality.


Thanks to 30 years of experience and professionalism of the technical staff, the IDL designs, dev elops and creates custom – made lighting fixtures. About half of the production volume of the factory is occupied by non-standard models.

Today IDL is a leader in lighting and is renown for the exclusivity of its designs. We aim to satisfy a select and demanding range of clients and, in so doing, we maintain the highest production and technical standards throughout all our operations.

 Our secret lies in the hand-made and artisan approach which is a hallmark of the Made in Italy stamp. These are the key principles which have always driven our company. You can thus be assured of the quality, uniqueness, creativeness and design values in all our production.

IDL is ACCREDIA - CSI CERT ISO 9001 certified



IDL is pleased to present its new brand of furnishing accessories: “Elemento 26”.
As is already the case with our lighting, metal will be the undisputed protagonist of this range.
It is precisely our working of metal, in its multiple and varied configurations, which enables idl to mark itself out wisely in the market.
That is why we’ve wanted to give this brand a name which would very clearly recall metal: Metal is the chemical element with the atomic number 26. Hence the name Elemento 26.

All the new shapes of elemento 26 objects have been conceived, designed and crafted taking inspiration from our best-seller collections from our DOLCE VITA and LUCE DA VIVERE brands.
Tables, chairs, consoles, book cases and mirrors complement our lighting elegantly and perfectly, thus offering our clients complete home ranges.


Cristian Feltrin, since 2012, is the artistic director of IDL and son of the owner Lino Feltrin. He has introduced new design concepts which have taken the company’s traditional style to new levels of contemporary and on-the-button design.

Cristian takes inspiration from a reinterpretation of past excellence developing it into abstract shapes and concepts that we find in nature.


“My knowledge of mechanical precepts enables me to explore solid materials and to adapt them to shapes that become sculptures of light, governed by a strong artistic presence”, says Cristian, referring to the fact that, in addition to designing, he also creates himself the prototypes of each new collection.


This approach enables Cristian to develop ranges of lights that speak luxury and great aesthetic impact.